For Members of the University of Konstanz

For registration and application for a poster presentation please contact:

CRC 969

General Manager: Dr. Christina Schlatterer

Box 606

Universität Konstanz

D-78457 Konstanz

Room: M705

email: christina.schlatterer(at)

Please note: There is registration fee of 100€ for members of the University of Konstanz!

For Participants from Other Institutions

Please note: There is registration fee of 200€ for participants from institutions other than the University of Konstanz!

Please register until the 15th of September and transfer the registration fee until the 20th of September to the bank account of the university: 

Recipient: University Cashier’s Office

Bank Institute: BW-Bank Konstanz

IBAN: DE92 6005 0101 7486 5012 74

please state in the reason for payment your last name and the following number: 13977821